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Turn IncenText Into Your Top Rewards and Text Free App

It seems everyday prices are going up for things like rent, gas, cell phone data, and literally almost everything you can think of. With prices of everything going up to sky-high rates it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and and wonder when the price spikes will stop.

We are here to help you battle those price spikes by giving you a FREE text platform that will reward you with coupons, discounts, and other rewards from your favorite brands just for texting with your friends and family like you already do on a daily basis. Check out how we are doing this below.

1: Start Earning Rewards Simply by Texting

According to a recent survey, texting is the new preferred method of communication. With that being said, it is easy to see how there is no easier way to get rewards from your favorite brands than by texting with your friends and family. IncenText is giving everyone the ability to do this with their messaging and rewards app! Brands of all sizes have teamed up with IncenText to offer you rewards just for texting so you can start saving on the purchases you make on a normal basis. The brands that have partnered with IncenText understand the importance of giving you great rewards so you can be a little more financially free to do the things you love.

2: Keep Close With Friends and Family Plus Earn and Save at the Same Time

Texting keeps us close to our loved ones that are both close and far. Social media has had a huge impact on this as well. However, we believe there is a stronger connection through texting and actually communicating with friends and family rather than just scrolling through photos on a newsfeed. We believe that creating and maintaining these connections will help keep spirits high and positive and with a positive force behind you positive things come your way. What better positive thing to be at your fingertips than rewards from your favorite brands.

3: Referral Program That Keeps the Rewards Coming

In order to text with your friends and family on the app you need to have some friends and family on the app to text with. If you want to get the rewards to help save you money and start your journey to a better financial future then you have to start texting on the app. To help with this we have created an awesome referral program that will give you and your friends or family members that you refer to the app 500 points each that can be designated to any brand of your choosing that is featured on IncenText’s platform. The more friends and family that you refer the more extra points you get!

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Text Free. Get Rewards.

Our free messaging app gives you rewards for texting with your friends and family. Rewards include discounts, gift cards, merchandise and cash from your favorite brands.

What's IncenText?

IncenText is the FREE messaging app that rewards you to text with your friends and family. Rewards can include discounts, gift cards, merchandise and cash from your favorite brands.  

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