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Do you love IncenText and getting rewards from your favorite brands? Follow us on social media for exclusive offers, tips, and a lot more fun!

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Facebook is where you will find fun content in your newsfeed including ways to get more points and rewards, our latest offers, referral opportunities, new brands that join our network, and much more! We love hearing from our friends on Facebook so feel free to say hello. We will se you there.

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On Twitter you will find the latest news about IncenText. We love sharing our big news and achievements that occur while our company is growing and adding more brands and rewards on our platform. We continue growing our technology and will continue sharing the news with you on Twitter!

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Instagram is where we have a lot of fun and love to share what we do on a daily basis. We enjoy meeting with new brands to join our platform as well as do a lot of other activities in our community and you will have a front row seat to watch it all on our Instagram feed.

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Text Free. Get Rewards.

Our free messaging app gives you rewards for texting with your friends and family. Rewards include discounts, gift cards, merchandise and cash from your favorite brands.

What's IncenText?

IncenText is the FREE messaging app that rewards you to text with your friends and family. Rewards can include discounts, gift cards, merchandise and cash from your favorite brands.  

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