About IncenText

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, IncenText (Incentives to Text) is a free messaging app made for bargain hunters and deal seekers. The app rewards you for texting, posting and sharing with friends and family. IncenText partners with local, regional and national brands and stores to offer rewards to IncenText users for promoting brand ads in their message threads. Rewards include cash, discounts, gift cards, merchandise and more. IncenText is the fun new way to get exclusive bargains, deals and cash simply by making everyday text with friends and family.

Meet The Team

J.R. Starlin - Founder & CEO

J.R. Starlin founded IncenText in 2018, to empower consumers with a choice in the brand advertising they want promoted to their friends and family. He set forth in connecting consumers and brands by creating a peer-to-peer marketing network that is rewarding for consumers as well as affordable and effective for brands. Prior to IncenText, J.R. founded and operated a plant-based dog treat company and had worked in sales for Nestle and Fastenal as well as served in the US Air Force. On his free time, you will find J.R. on his paddle board.