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5 Easy Ways to Save in 2020

Lets get 2020 started right with some extra cash in the bank. Check out these 5 easy ways to make that happen this year and other years to come.

1: Cancel Subscriptions and Memberships You Are Not Using

This one may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many subscriptions and memberships a lot of people have that they do not even realize because they never use them. Some of these automatic payments are taken out monthly and others are manually. If you do not check your bank account statements weekly it can be easy to miss these charges that are taking your hard earned money. Take 20 minutes of your day and look at your bank statements over the past year. Are there any charges for subscriptions that you were unaware of? If so, go ahead and cancel those right away because that extra $10-$20 per month will really add up.

2: Get Rid of the Big Cable Bill

The cable company is hard to cut ties with because everyone wants internet and the cable companies are basically the only ones that can provide it for you (unless you live in a city like Chattanooga). And if you are already getting internet with a cable company then why not go ahead and bundle to get all the channels you could want on tv. Well, that is where they get you. It is great for the first year or two but then once that promotion is up your stuck with a high cable bill and a lot of times the cable company will not help you with getting on another promotion. So what do you do? You could either just get internet with no cable or you could get internet and elect to use the cable companies app to get basic channels. This gives you the best of both worlds, somewhat. At least it saves you some money so that is a win.

3: Pack Your Own Lunch Instead of Going Out

I know it sounds like a miserable task to make your lunch every morning then put it in a brown paper bag and eat while all of your friends are having fun and eating at the local TGIFridays every afternoon. But guess what, it saves you a lot of money. And that is the point of this post, to save money. And there is an extra bonus to this strategy as well. You may lose some unwanted lbs in the process!

4: Get a New Cell Phone or Plan

I know it is the cool thing to have the newest and coolest phone out. But you know something, those phones and the plans that come with them are draining your bank account. A decent solution is to get an older model phone that still can do all of the fun tricks like take photos and check out the best memes and pair that with a low data plan. Then you can download apps that allow to text free with a wifi connection. A great app for that is IncenText. You can text free and get awesome rewards while you do it from your favorite brands.

5: Say No to the Coffee Shops

Starbucks is always the go to for almost everyones coffee needs (I know a lot of people have other favorite coffee spots too). However, these coffee shops can cost anywhere from $3-$8 per cup of coffee or drink. That is a lot of money and sometimes you need 2-3 trips to the coffee store just to get through the day. Now, I am not saying never get a coffee at a coffee shop but every once in a while, why not, just brew your own cup of joe and make it just how you like it without the high cost.

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